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By restoration we mean the recovery, reclamation and conservation of wooden pieces (historical or non-historical) of particular value or emotional connection.

The reason why i love restoration

That old trunk found in your grandparents’ attic would look great in the living room of your new home.
It brings with it the history of a generation, stories of travels, migrations, past lives, but it has also dragged wear and tear along the years.
This is where FANTAWOOD comes into play: with dedication and careful work FANTAWOOD brings every piece of furniture back to past splendors.

Restoration is for those who have found an old table and would like to make a support surface for the sink in the bathroom.
Restoration is for those who are tired of seeing an old piece of furniture in their home, but don’t want to throw it away because the wood is still in good conditions or because there is a strong emotional bond.
Restoration is for those who have found old builder’s planks that no one uses anymore and need new shelves or a living room table.
Restoration is for those who have old pallets at home and want to use their planks to make a door, a coat rack or any other furnishing accessory.

FANTAWOOD respects the environment, is careful not to waste, and works with recycled material. With each piece of furniture, he evaluates its potential and with his experience he enchance its qualities to create a new and unique item.

It is the panta rei of wood in a certain way:

“Nothing is lost, everything flows”.